S Series
V Series

Pure Class A circuit is directly heated triode connected with silver transformers Fast transparent full body bass.
All the tube heaters filaments are rectified by Heat-sink type - diode and choke filter is DC ignited by a large volumetric condenser to reduce hum noise.
The amp part uses silver wires, point to point hand wiring for all the wires and gold plated phosphor bronze for the terminal to eliminate signal deterioration and improve sound quality.
Military grade Components, Highest quality capacitors, Oil capacitors, 1% Metal film resistors, 1% Heat-sink resistors, All Match Tubes. WBT RCA connectors are made by West Germany. The Edison Price Music Post, Red copper binding posts. Specially designed Transformer.
24 karat gold plated Tube Sockets are machined from Teflon and use gold plated round pin made of phosphor bronze as a contact which improves insulation performance to eliminate signal detererioration.
All aluminum chassis panels are CNC milled, 0.375 inch thick.
Input RCA 12BH7 has warmth Sound .
The GEC KT66 Driver clear midrange .
833 Output Warmth and huge soundstage full body deep bass .

Rated Power Output135 Watts RMS Full power
Input Sensitivity1.3 Volts
Frequency Response+/- 1dB from 10 Hz to 60 KHZ
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >100 dB
Load Impedance 4/8 ohms
Tube Complement (per channel) 1x RCA833A, 1x GEC KT66, 1x RCA 12BH7, 2x 3B28,
Power Consumption 500W (each)
Power Supply110/220 VAC 50-60Hz
Weight 200 lbs
External Dimensions 18" W x 24" D x 19" H
Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier