S Series
V Series

Swiss made Elma rotary switches Select input and Volume control includes 1% metal film resistors, Elma 24 positions stepped attenuators.
Point to point hand wiring with Teflon coated silver wires.
M6 Material silver Transformers are hand wound .
Zero feedback design with automatic biasing circuit.
Circuitry is a direct, simple and elegant means of making music,
Tube sockets are ceramic with 24 Karat gold plated pins.
The development of the Z845a differential all-tube preamplifier, with a direct-coupled high current output capable of driving low-impedance lines.
Delivers High transparency, wide dynamics soundstage, and three-dimensional imaging.
Heavy duty CNC milled aluminum and knobs.

Input8 WBT connectors
Output4 WBT connectors
Frequency Response+/- 1 dB from 10 Hz to 80,000 Hz
Tube Complement (2 channels)2 x 845, 2 x 5751 RCA, 2 x EM84, 1x 5R4
Power Consumption85W
Power Supply110/220 VAC 50-60Hz
Weight100 lbs
External dimensions15" W x 20" D x 13" H
Vacuum Tube Preamplifier