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trading hong kong In recent years Win Analog Audio expanded and thrived to identify the true quality of “high performance tube amplifiers.” At Win Analog we strive to design a product line with dedication of innovating exposure of true emotional excitement to music. One of Win Analog’s Audio guiding principles is to preserve the finest and most consistent quality available. We believe that the development, creation, and design are vital in bringing precise, accurate, and detailed sound to music.

Win Analog has worked towards perfection with our handcrafted design in 833 vacuum tube amplifiers. Win Analog had made major investments in research, equipment, and people necessary to unite the accuracy and dynamic sound in high-end audio amplifiers. We have the highest standards and expectations in sound performance and were recognized for the best engineering in our design. For the love of the art we settle no less than to introduce the best engineering quality and aesthetic line of products.
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Win Analog's amplifier set was a big hit in CES2010 Las Vegas.
Read the Show Reports from The Stereo Times:

"Strapped to a huge pair of pure Class-A, 135-watt Win Analog SET mono amps (100 Watts & 135 Watts) which features the same baby-bottle sized 833 power tubes used...
The sound of this room was nothing short of breathtaking!..."